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Finding the Call

Healing & Pursuing the Call Angela – 32, Brooklyn, NY Metastate:  Did you have a vision for yourself growing up?  Angela:  As a young person, I didn’t have a plan for the future. I had no idea what was in store for me. Metastate:  What advice would you give to your younger self?  Angela:  I’d tell her not to be afraid to express herself creatively. I’d tell her to speak up and let her voice be heard. I’d tell her that she is just fine the way she is.  Metastate:  You recently made some big discoveries about your past. Can you tell us about that experience?  Angela:  Through a lot of reflection (and some good therapy) I’ve worked out some issues from my childhood. My parents did not work well together. They were incompatible in many ways. My dad followed his father’s example in dealing with marital conflict. He was abusive. My mom stayed with him “for the sake of the children.” I’ve been led to revelations about my past and it has been wonderful to examine them in a completely …

Full Circle

It has been an amazing journey so far. We rekindled a friendship sparked 20 years ago. We revisited people and places from our childhood. We reconnected with a certain joy misplaced over the years. Thank you for making this first chapter so special. 5,000 miles, ten cities, thirty conversations, and we have only just begun…Cheers to more adventures in 2015! 

First Year

Metastate is about honoring each other’s stories, no matter how different, and creating a more complete picture of our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We’ll share our conversations here and invite you to add your voices to the discussion. Pull up a chair and join us as we recount the stories and lessons of our lives… Darrée:  When I reached out to you this past May, I wasn’t expecting a collaboration of this magnitude. Now 7 months later, I’m astounded by the amazing people we met, our growing number of interviews, and the hopeful beginnings of a documentary film. In retrospect, I was hungry for creative collaboration and this project has already nourished me in so many ways. I know you’ve collaborated with others on creative endeavors in the past. How has this experience been different? Maryn:  This one felt so personal, like it was helping me get past a difficult time in my life. It was very “meta,” so to speak. Through doing this project, I was discovering things I could apply to my own life and the experience itself was …