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Discover Yourself

Finding a New Normal Cheryl – Honolulu, HI Metastate: You recently made some life changing discoveries about your past. What led you to these revelations and can you tell us a little about your journey? Cheryl: Almost 2 years ago I discovered I was transgender. Although I have always felt that I was a girl and later a woman, I have spent a lifetime trying to deny these feelings. The denial has resulted in a lifetime of depression, unhappiness and loneliness. But I could never link my depression with my true feelings of gender. Then, two years ago, I had a chance encounter with a former friend, Daniella. Daniella is transgender and I asked her about her life. The more she talked about herself, the more I felt she was talking about me. I told her that I thought I might also be transgender, but I was unsure. (The truth is, I did not want to be – anything but that!) She gave me an estrogen patch and thought it might be helpful to try it. …

Being Happy

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” Lia discovered that sometimes it takes something big to wake us up. After the loss of her father and a series of other life altering events, she decided to start living the life she had always imagined.  She is the founder of life experience design, a framework for redesigning your life. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams.