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Being Human

“We should all live to find our element…”   One of the most rewarding relationships is that between mother and child. It is an experience filled with love, challenges and courage. During this month of giving thanks, we wanted to honor those very special women who gave us life and who continue to champion our dreams. Thanks mom! Kim is an elementary school teacher and mother. Uhe is a folk singer, designer, and mother. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Find Your Place

Sometimes we must go in search of a place where we belong. It is not always our hometown or the family we are born into. We may find our kind in a new city thousands of  miles away or in an unexpected encounter at our local coffee shop. No matter where we end up, we should not lose hope. Families, communities, and support systems are made everyday. We only need to seek them out.          E.G. is a professor in the Art Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society. ALL: A Lesson Learned is a candid glimpse into one person’s moment of discovery. Each month we’ll highlight a lesson or two from the conversations we’ve had. We’re excited to share these bits of wisdom from unlikely places.