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Finding Your Path

“Try things that are not a part of what you think should be the process…” Joslyn learned that sometimes it takes a few wrong turns to bring you to a place that you would never have found otherwise. In her search for the perfect graduate program and career, Joslyn stumbled upon something totally unexpected and even a little controversial. By going through the process of trial and error, she arrived at a destination that she could not have planned for or even imagined. After a few detours, she found a path of her own. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Best in Class

Metastate is about honoring each other’s stories, no matter how different, and creating a more complete picture of our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We’ll share our conversations here and invite you to add your voices to the discussion. Pull up a chair and join us as we recount the stories and lessons of our lives…   Darrée:  I was the clueless kid you didn’t want in your class. My only redeeming qualities were that I always left on time and gave teachers presents at the end of the year. In hindsight, I was intuitively winging everything, but my senior year of college I reinvented myself. I became this really hardworking, ambitious student who would stay up finishing work and reading everything in sight. Maryn:  I was a perfectionist throughout school – the annoying girl who wanted to be best in class and gave teachers presents throughout the year. I remember pooling money together with my classmates to buy our math teacher a Harley Davidson stuffed hog for his birthday (gag, I know). Other words to describe me: intense, nerd, overachiever. …