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How to Keep On

Living a Creative Life Maryn & Darrée  Darrée: When I’m teaching all the time, I struggle to make space for my creative hobbies…and when I’m creating all the time, I wonder if I’m really contributing to society. Even though I know better, I find myself weighed down by the narrative that says doctors and teachers are contributing members of society, while artists and musicians are not. I mean, if you tell a stranger that you’re a teacher, people respect that. But when you tell them you’re an artist, they quickly mask their scorn for you with an “Ohhh, that must be nice…” or “I wish I had the time to be creative all day.” An art degree and 32 years later, I am still struggling to justify that being an artist is an okay way to spend my life. I’m on my way to carving out a path that is mine, but the voice inside (and outside) telling me that who I am is not okay, still reigns. Until I learn how to quiet that voice, I think I will always struggle with …

Having it All

Motherhood and a Dream Renewed Eden – 40, Washington, D.C. Metastate:  Have you ever felt as though you were living up to expectations that were not your own? Eden:  Everyone has an opinion about my life, especially family. I was pushed to keep going back to school to obtain degrees, whether it helped me to do what I wanted or not.  I eventually distanced myself from my family and community because none of them thought I could succeed. Even today, they are surprised by my success. Metastate:  Was there a time when you began to question their expectations? Eden:  I always questioned people’s expectations of me whether good or bad. My voice may not have been big or strong, but I protested in my own way. I rebelled against what others felt my life should look like.  Metastate:  Do you remember the moment when you began to live life on your own terms? Eden:  Once I moved to Washington, D.C. it was clear that I was taking steps to be my own person. Even moving to New York for graduate school; these were all decisions I made without the support of my parents. I was taking better care of myself and developed …

Make the Change

Making a change is hard, but sometimes it is the only thing that will set us free. A life is made up of days, hours, and seconds. If we are not spending that time doing something that makes us feel alive and valuable then we will most likely look back with some regret. No matter where you are in life, it is a good time to ask yourself whether you’re happy and if not, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Karla is an art teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. She likes going on long hikes with her dog and rooting for her first middle school crush, Kobe Bryant, and the LA Lakers. ALL: A Lesson Learned is a candid glimpse into one person’s moment of discovery. Each month we’ll highlight a lesson or two from the conversations we’ve had. We’re excited to share these bits of wisdom from unlikely places.

Finding Your Path

“Try things that are not a part of what you think should be the process…” Joslyn learned that sometimes it takes a few wrong turns to bring you to a place that you would never have found otherwise. In her search for the perfect graduate program and career, Joslyn stumbled upon something totally unexpected and even a little controversial. By going through the process of trial and error, she arrived at a destination that she could not have planned for or even imagined. After a few detours, she found a path of her own. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Something to Prove

Becoming an Adult & Having Something to Prove Connor – 24, Pacifica, CA Metastate:  What comes to mind when you hear the words “American Dream”?  Connor:  Honestly, not much. The American Dream is more relevant for past generations. Kids these days live in an already discovered world. There’s not that same danger of venturing into the unknown that inspires huge leaps of faith. But, there are remnants of it still in existence. That part of the dream — working your tail off to get what you want — is still here.  Metastate:  Was there a particular experience or individual that had an impact on you? Connor:  My fraternity brother in college known for his drunken rants and aggressiveness told me one night that I wasn’t investing in myself. At the time, he was right. From that moment on, I stopped fooling around and started looking seriously at my future. Metastate:  When was the last time you made a change?  Connor:   I made a change simply to become better. Every morning I wake up and talk to my higher powers. I’m not sure …