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Remember to Play

“I don’t have to have it figured out before I go for something.” SheenRu moves people. As a dancer and choreographer, she examines the world through her body, and explores complex ideas through movement. SheenRu reminds us that the creative process is just as important as the product, and to believe that who we are is enough. Check out SheenRu’s latest projects at body portal theatre!

How to Keep On

Living a Creative Life Maryn & Darrée  Darrée: When I’m teaching all the time, I struggle to make space for my creative hobbies…and when I’m creating all the time, I wonder if I’m really contributing to society. Even though I know better, I find myself weighed down by the narrative that says doctors and teachers are contributing members of society, while artists and musicians are not. I mean, if you tell a stranger that you’re a teacher, people respect that. But when you tell them you’re an artist, they quickly mask their scorn for you with an “Ohhh, that must be nice…” or “I wish I had the time to be creative all day.” An art degree and 32 years later, I am still struggling to justify that being an artist is an okay way to spend my life. I’m on my way to carving out a path that is mine, but the voice inside (and outside) telling me that who I am is not okay, still reigns. Until I learn how to quiet that voice, I think I will always struggle with …

Rise Up

“You have to be willing to sacrifice everything.” Ann refused to give up the life she loved after a tragic accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. She worked tirelessly and fearlessly to regain her strength back to not only be able to do the things she once did, but to excel at them. She is a testament to the power of letting go of the limitations of what is normal and giving yourself the freedom to be extraordinary. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Making the Change

“You only learn to trust yourself by trusting yourself…” Lisa was on a path that seemed prestigious and promising to the outside world, but inside she felt like a fraud. It wasn’t until she asked herself point blank, “If I died really soon and I was still on this path, how would I feel?” From that point on, she began shedding the expectations that others had for her and started gaining the courage to start living a creative life. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Discover Yourself

Finding a New Normal Cheryl – Honolulu, HI Metastate: You recently made some life changing discoveries about your past. What led you to these revelations and can you tell us a little about your journey? Cheryl: Almost 2 years ago I discovered I was transgender. Although I have always felt that I was a girl and later a woman, I have spent a lifetime trying to deny these feelings. The denial has resulted in a lifetime of depression, unhappiness and loneliness. But I could never link my depression with my true feelings of gender. Then, two years ago, I had a chance encounter with a former friend, Daniella. Daniella is transgender and I asked her about her life. The more she talked about herself, the more I felt she was talking about me. I told her that I thought I might also be transgender, but I was unsure. (The truth is, I did not want to be – anything but that!) She gave me an estrogen patch and thought it might be helpful to try it. …