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Something to Prove

Becoming an Adult & Having Something to Prove Connor – 24, Pacifica, CA Metastate:  What comes to mind when you hear the words “American Dream”?  Connor:  Honestly, not much. The American Dream is more relevant for past generations. Kids these days live in an already discovered world. There’s not that same danger of venturing into the unknown that inspires huge leaps of faith. But, there are remnants of it still in existence. That part of the dream — working your tail off to get what you want — is still here.  Metastate:  Was there a particular experience or individual that had an impact on you? Connor:  My fraternity brother in college known for his drunken rants and aggressiveness told me one night that I wasn’t investing in myself. At the time, he was right. From that moment on, I stopped fooling around and started looking seriously at my future. Metastate:  When was the last time you made a change?  Connor:   I made a change simply to become better. Every morning I wake up and talk to my higher powers. I’m not sure …

Full Circle

It has been an amazing journey so far. We rekindled a friendship sparked 20 years ago. We revisited people and places from our childhood. We reconnected with a certain joy misplaced over the years. Thank you for making this first chapter so special. 5,000 miles, ten cities, thirty conversations, and we have only just begun…Cheers to more adventures in 2015! 

Choose Love

We live in a culture of fear. Many of the decisions we make are out of a desire to escape harm or uncertainty. We mask our deeper yearnings with unnecessary layers that we think will protect us, but actually keep us from being seen for who we really are. We can stand back in the shadows and armor up before we walk out the door, or we can step into the light and fully open up to what is in front of us. The choice is ours. We can continue to live in fear or we can tear down the walls and rebuild with love. Dais is a self-proclaimed “Chief Aloha Officer.” He loves smiling at strangers and catching waves on the beautiful beaches of Southern California. ALL: A Lesson Learned is a candid glimpse into one person’s moment of discovery. Each month we’ll highlight a lesson or two from the conversations we’ve had. We’re excited to share these bits of wisdom from unlikely places.


We just returned from our first trip on this Metastate journey. 5,000 miles, ten cities, and 20 conversations later, we are still in a state of disbelief. We sat down with those who shaped our lives – a childhood mentor, the founder of our elementary school, a favorite teacher, a best friend, a college roommate, our mothers. From sage advice to voice lessons to tearful moments of recognition, this trip has been unforgettable. After years of silence and compromise, we embark on this new path to reconnect with those who touched us and to rediscover forgotten parts of ourselves. During a time that most would call a “midlife crisis” or “breakdown,” we both woke back up to life. We’re moving outside our comfort zone, the stale yet familiar place we’ve called home, and taking that first step to rewrite our dreams. The other night we were discussing the meaning of metastate and something finally clicked. We are always in metastate no matter if we’re at a job we hate or chasing the dream we think we …