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What Comes Next?

Metastate began when we realized we had been ignoring our creative selves for a long time. We started connecting with people who found the courage to listen to their hearts and take a different path than the one they were on. We shared their stories, started to rewrite our own, and hopefully sparked a small change inside of you. Over a year later, we’re asking ourselves what parts of our story need to be scrapped and edited to move us toward the kind of ending we really want. The hardest part is giving ourselves the permission to follow our gut when we spend most of our days pulled in different directions – work, bills, relationships, friends. It’s easy to find ourselves in a kind of holding pattern, succumbing to the demands around us and losing the momentum and sense of purpose we once had. This next chapter is about tipping the scales back and making an effort to live each day guided by our core instead of the expectations of others. It’s a continual process and we need to be reminded of …

Making Space

A year ago today, we launched Metastate Movement as a declaration of our creative independence. With two cameras and a voice recorder in hand, we set out to capture the stories of individuals in more than 10 cities. When we returned home in August with full hard drives and memory cards, we sat down to find the heartbeat of each story. Over the next 11 months, we worked to share each lesson we learned with this developing community. To continue the tradition, we set sail again for the next two months to refuel, reflect and reconnect with our creative selves. Have a wonderful remainder of the summer, and see you in September!

Making the Change

“You only learn to trust yourself by trusting yourself…” Lisa was on a path that seemed prestigious and promising to the outside world, but inside she felt like a fraud. It wasn’t until she asked herself point blank, “If I died really soon and I was still on this path, how would I feel?” From that point on, she began shedding the expectations that others had for her and started gaining the courage to start living a creative life. Our STRINGTH collection is inspired by these amazing individuals who found the strength within to follow their dreams. 

Discover Yourself

Finding a New Normal Cheryl – Honolulu, HI Metastate: You recently made some life changing discoveries about your past. What led you to these revelations and can you tell us a little about your journey? Cheryl: Almost 2 years ago I discovered I was transgender. Although I have always felt that I was a girl and later a woman, I have spent a lifetime trying to deny these feelings. The denial has resulted in a lifetime of depression, unhappiness and loneliness. But I could never link my depression with my true feelings of gender. Then, two years ago, I had a chance encounter with a former friend, Daniella. Daniella is transgender and I asked her about her life. The more she talked about herself, the more I felt she was talking about me. I told her that I thought I might also be transgender, but I was unsure. (The truth is, I did not want to be – anything but that!) She gave me an estrogen patch and thought it might be helpful to try it. …

Just Breathe

In our frenzied culture, it is easy to ignore the things that are closest to us. When we become overwhelmed by external demands, our attention falls away from the very things that sustain us. Our intimate relationships, our health, and our breath. Despite our never-ending to-do lists and overpacked schedules, if we simply put our focus on the pieces of our life that support us, we will find the strength to carry on. Ellie is a former Chinese opera star who attended Juilliard. She currently teaches voice lessons in Northern California and helps her students learn to use their breath.  ALL: A Lesson Learned is a candid glimpse into one person’s moment of discovery. Each month we’ll highlight a lesson or two from the conversations we’ve had. We’re excited to share these bits of wisdom from unlikely places.