Our Story


We met when we were 6 years old. Digging for dinosaurs, building cities from cereal boxes, scribbling boys’ names inside of balloon hearts…we endured the joys and scraped knees of elementary school together.

Over the next 20 years we attended different schools, dated different men, moved to different states, worked in different fields, but somehow our stories ran parallel. We both left our jobs in Spring 2014 and during an epic 5-hour FaceTime chat, we began to ask questions that were too big to answer in one sitting.

We shared our search for identity and direction, our struggles with vulnerability and creation, thoughts on education, happiness, and the limitations of The American Dream. In a lot of ways, we are starting over at the age of 30. Instead of a midlife crisis, we like to think of it as a midlife awakening. Without kids or a plan for the future, only the lessons we’ve gathered and the compass of our hearts, we start this journey with one simple question, “What shall we do now?”

After years of following the status quo and sweeping creative ambitions aside, we attempt to reconnect with those two young girls in velvet headbands and stirrup leggings who believed anything was possible. Realizing that our conversation had no end, we created this space to continue the discussion. We are turning the page in our notebooks and in this brilliant white space we attempt to rewrite the dream.

Your friends in change,

Maryn & Darrée


  1. amychiz says

    Looking forward to scouring this blog! 🙂 Sounds like I’ll be reading some very cool, inspiring things!


      • chanellytime says

        Please don’t think I’m being a “suckup” compliment-or maniac…I’m *serious*. Perhaps it’s just been my own fault that I haven’t been surrounding myself with people who nurture and nourish creativity and spirituality in this way, or more in myself. I am only recently discovering this side again–because I became an elective teacher this past year. Prior to: very RIGHT brained. I just get SO excited when I find people who nourish this part of me. 😀 But I think I’m already channeling more of this energy into my life, I will calm down a bit more perhaps in a year…ah, but I’m always enthusiastic about things that speak to me anyway 😉


      • Chanelle, I think serendipity is real. There is no greater relief or joy than when you feel like you’ve come home after a long time of being away. My partner and I started this site/ movement to connect with people like you. So, thank you for finding us! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts, and exploring what the world of creativity has in store. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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