Mission + Vision

You can create the life you want. You can change your mind. You can rewrite the dream.

Metastate is the freedom and process of creating the dream we want. No matter what our stories are, we can rewrite them at anytime. Even when we are chasing a specific vision or struggling to define one. Even if we are heading in a direction that ends or alters course. Even though the path may get hazy and our ideas won’t fit neatly into a box.

Metastate challenges us to be courageous and vulnerable. To open and reopen ourselves to the possibility of change. To remember our core values and get back in touch with our creative selves. To experience the joy of surrendering an empty dream and begin living one of our own making.

We believe in…
questioning the status quo
a lifelong education
asking the right questions

We live with…
simplicity over excess
quiet integrity over self-promotion
courage over comfort

We connect the…
thoughtful and the curious
makers of this world
lost and the found


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