A belief. A way of life. A community.

met•a•state (met-ə-stāt) adjective, noun, verb – met•a•stated; met•a•stating; met•a•station  1. the freedom and process for creating a life on our own terms.  2. questioning the status quo and opening up to a new path.  3. a place of our collective making to share and rewrite our life stories.

Everyday Usage

I begin my day with a green smoothie and an hour of metastation. Or two.

Q:  Are you still unemployed?
A:  No, I’m just metastating on whether I can create a life beyond employment.

Q:  What have you metastated about this week?
A:  My life direction, the World Cup, the state of our national forests and…fracking.

Q:  What are you going to do after you graduate?
A:  Let me metastate on that for a few years.

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