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Making Space

A year ago today, we launched Metastate Movement as a declaration of our creative independence. With two cameras and a voice recorder in hand, we set out to capture the stories of individuals in more than 10 cities. When we returned home in August with full hard drives and memory cards, we sat down to find the heartbeat of each story. Over the next 11 months, we worked to share each lesson we learned with this developing community.

To continue the tradition, we set sail again for the next two months to refuel, reflect and reconnect with our creative selves. Have a wonderful remainder of the summer, and see you in September!


  1. “Talk story” as they say in Hawaii is such a human place! I’m so glad shared your blog page with me. I love stories of the triumph of the human spirit which contain on your page. Mahalo for making it available to all. I’ve written stories of this nature on my blog too at I look forward to reading more from you. Aloha!!


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