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First Year

Metastate is about honoring each other’s stories, no matter how different, and creating a more complete picture of our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We’ll share our conversations here and invite you to add your voices to the discussion. Pull up a chair and join us as we recount the stories and lessons of our lives…

Darrée:  When I reached out to you this past May, I wasn’t expecting a collaboration of this magnitude. Now 7 months later, I’m astounded by the amazing people we met, our growing number of interviews, and the hopeful beginnings of a documentary film. In retrospect, I was hungry for creative collaboration and this project has already nourished me in so many ways. I know you’ve collaborated with others on creative endeavors in the past. How has this experience been different?

Maryn:  This one felt so personal, like it was helping me get past a difficult time in my life. It was very “meta,” so to speak. Through doing this project, I was discovering things I could apply to my own life and the experience itself was just very empowering and made me remember parts of myself that I had forgotten about since I was very young. Do you feel our project has had implications in your own life, beyond creative satisfaction?

Darrée:  I always told myself that when I turned 30, I would establish an organization that contributed to a noble cause. I think Metastate has the potential to be that. I am very hopeful that it will help others rediscover the paths they’ve always dreamt of taking. Slowly, I see that we are forming a community, though small, that is headed in the right direction. How do you hope Metastate will evolve in 2015?

Maryn:  I really like what you said, “I see that we are forming a community…that is headed in the right direction.”

I believe this is the driving vision – to form a community and support network for people who are grappling with some change or trying to remember why they’re on the path they’re on and wondering if it’s too late to start over.

I see it like a tree, starting with you and I sharing our stories and supporting one another, and branching out from there. I hope to create a space where people can actually manifest their dreams, beyond just talking about them. Metastate Movement was the spark and we have the flame part in the works now.

Darrée:  I love the tree metaphor! And as for the flame, I see us collaborating with people who are starting their own businesses, developing their own apps, designing objects, and any other tools that can benefit others in their search for meaning and contribution. I would love to plant seeds for these aspirations in the coming year and have Metastate start becoming a platform for real change in this world. Do you have a dream project you’d love to see happen in our Metastate lifetime?

Maryn:  Partnering with Brené Brown would be amazing since her whole platform is about vulnerability as a strength. Until I heard her speak, I always thought of vulnerability as a weakness, but it is key to creating profound change in our lives. I imagine us holding a workshop or conference of some sort with leaders from around the world in various sectors – education, business, design, etc. and starting an honest and vulnerable discussion about what needs to be changed and how we might accomplish that. A conference or workshop is at the top of my list for our Metastate future. What about you?

Darrée:  I had a feeling you’d pick Brené Brown! We’ve talked quite a bit about starting a conference one day, and it would be really inspiring to work with her in whatever capacity possible. Sir Ken Robinson has talked at length about bridging what people are good at with what they enjoy doing, and how we can use this approach in reforming education around the world. Metastate hones in on the step people take right after they’ve realized that they dislike what they are doing. I would love to work with Robinson by traveling to schools around the world and asking students what their dreams are and whether they have started to pursue them. I’d imagine that it would result in a documentary or multimedia website or something along those lines. Of what we have planned for 2015, what are you most looking forward to?

Maryn:  I’m looking forward to opening up these dialogues to our readers and friends. In 2015, we’ll be featuring guest dialogues and more collaborative projects. I’m excited to widen our Metastate network and add some new voices and perspectives to the discussion. What are you most excited about?

Darrée:  I’m most excited about launching Metastate Lab in 2015. It’ll be a platform where we will feature people who are creating new solutions to humanity’s problems and also to showcase some of the projects we are working on to highlight those issues. Any final thoughts?

Maryn:  Yeah. Stay tuned for our final post of 2014, our tribute to an unforgettable year!

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