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Find Your Gift

Many children struggle in school. If they don’t have an affinity for math or reading, they feel that they have no way to be successful and many end up lost in the system. We were lucky because we went to a school that embraced our unique talents from a young age. Whether we were an excellent stagehand in the school play or could recite the alphabet backwards, we were made to feel that we were good at something. We had special days where each child sat in front of the class and listened to the teachers and students express what was special about them. Although that was over 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure every child remembers their special day.

BJ was a founding teacher at Open Magnet Charter School and has dedicated her life to helping children find their gifts.

ALL: A Lesson Learned is a candid glimpse into one person’s moment of discovery.
Each month we’ll highlight a lesson or two from the conversations we’ve had.
We’re excited to share these bits of wisdom from unlikely places.

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