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Find Your Voice

We have many voices in our heads. From our mothers to the magazines we read, it’s hard to untangle those dialogues from our own desires and judgments. How do we reconnect with our own true voice, that whisper that has been drowned out by all the louder voices over the years?

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During our Metastate Chapter 1 journey, we met a former opera star. As we conducted the interview, she remarked that we weren’t speaking from our diaphragms. Our voices needed more support she said. She had us both stand up and put a belt around our waists. Can you feel it expand as you breathe in and out? Yes, we said. She instructed us to keep our vocal cords open and allow our voices to fall out of our mouths like a yawn.

After our voice lesson, we practiced singing in the car and noticed how our voices sounded deeper and fuller. We began to wonder if the strain came from a lack of confidence. How much of it was from this deep-seated belief that nobody cared what we had to say?

For me the American Dream was to find my voice and to let it go into the world, to manifest it into something tangible.         – Darrée

When we belt out a song (even if it’s out of tune) or tell someone what we believe without fear, we will begin to find our voice. When we connect to that deeper well of wisdom and acceptance beneath all the noise, we can begin to follow our gut. When we discover that who we are and what we have to say matters, we can put a belt on and feel our diaphragms rise and fall as we speak and get our voices out into the world.

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